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Jobless ex-lag who left prison with £46 says jails should become universities

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British prisons should be turned into universities to upskill criminals before they are reintroduced into society.

This is according to Cody Lachey who has been unemployed since leaving prison in 2017.

Lachey, who spent two years behind bars, said he’s since applied for over 100 jobs but nobody will hire him because of his criminal record.

And he said unless the prison system changes, he and others will revert back to crime.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he fumed: “I left prison with £46 and PTSD.

“It is failing prisoners and it is failing the taxpayer.

“My mindset leaving prison was to come away from crime. But what is the point in changing my criminal behaviour if employers and wider society are still going to write me off and literally cut me off at every opportunity.

“I’m trying to better myself but how can I show I’m reformed if nobody is willing to give me a chance?

“It is almost as if the system wants me to go back to crime.”

Lachey spent time in Manchester’s Strangeways for charges that included assaulting a cop and harassment threats.

He is now arguing that prisons need to become education hubs.

Lachey explained: “We need to make prisons solely about rehabilitation because you can’t punish and rehabilitate at the same time.

“We should be turning our prisons into colleges and universities where people learn trades and leave with diplomas – things they can use in the civilised world.

“That’s a better solution than kicking them out the door with £46 to their name.”

Lachey said violent prisoners like Wayne Couzens are the exception to his belief that all prisoners should be rehabilitated.

He previously told the Daily Star that death would be “too good” for the evil cop who raped and murdered Sarah Everard.

Lacey said he left prison dehumanised and hasn’t been given a fair chance in the outside world.

He said he worked as a prison cleaner seven days a week inside only to be refused an interview when he applied for a cleaning gig at a gym after his release.

Lachey added: “I earned £11.25 a week by cleaning in the gym. How is that supposed to give a prisoner a sense of self worth?

“How is it supposed to make the prisoner feel like he has a place in society?

“I know how to operate a mop and bucket but I couldn’t even get a cleaning job on the outside because my criminal history came into play.

“It is such an uphill battle when you’re getting doors slammed in your face every time you look for jobs.

“Where are ex-prisoners to go?”

Last week Dominc Raab suggested that ex-offenders should be considered to plug the labour shortage in the UK.

The former foreign secretary told the Spectator that prisoners were being used for volunteering and unpaid work.

However, Lachey slammed Raab for his comments.

He said: “After a seasonal job these people just get kicked back to the curb and don’t get taken on full-time.

“So they have a sustainable income for a few weeks and then go on benefits only to be told they are no longer needed to plug a gap.

“Then they have to wait weeks for payment from universal credit or benefits and in the meantime they have no money coming in.”

Lachey believes employers should be offered financial incentives for hiring ex-criminals.

He said organisations should be paid a certain amount if a former lag completes a probation period successfully.

And he added: “They should be working with employers to bridge the gap to put ex offenders straight into jobs.

“It will reduce crime and save money in the future.

“If you were able to train to be a plumber or bricklayer inside then fantastic.

“Not everyone will go out and make a success of themselves, but at least give them the bloody chance.”

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