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ex-Ronald Reagan aide says Biden must be allowed to ‘continue to fail’ so party ‘diminish’

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Democrats set for a 'rude awakening' in 2022 says expert

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Peggy Grande, who served as Ronald Reagan’s executive assistant in Los Angeles from 1989-1999, told Sky News Australia that President Biden’s leadership failures must be put centre stage and allowed to be presented for all to see if the Republican Party wish to capitalise on the 2022 midterm elections.

Ms Grande said: “We need to let this President continue too fail! For his policies and his bad ideas.”

The Reagan aide continued by explaining that allowing Mr Biden to carry on in the way he is currently could mean the Democrat party and all their ideas “diminish as quickly as possible”.

She stressed this was important for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections in the USA which she speculated is going to be a “rude awakening” for the Democrat Party under Mr Biden’s leadership.

The Reagan-era veteran suggested how the Dem’s are not helped already at the moment as they “very unpopular” currently in the US.

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She said how as a result “they are trying to press everything through” Congress in preparation for an embarrassment at the ballot box next year.

Ms Grande slammed: “They know they are going to lose in 2022!”

She went on to say how it is “crazy” that the President is allowed to go on in the way he is.

Her scathing review follows months of chaos from Joe Biden who has been slammed for his decision to pull out of Afghanistan leaving the country in the hands of the Taliban after 20-years of western intervention.

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The withdrawal saw chaos erupt at Kabul airport as thousands of Afghans attempted to cling to planes through desperation to leave the country. 

But the withdrawal turned deadly after terror group ISIS-K, ISIS’s Afghanistan wing, carried out a suicide attack that killed hundreds of Afghans alongside 13-US servicemen and women.

Criticism has also mounted over the President’s refusal to answer questions from the press following his speeches.

Following his meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Biden’s aides allowed one question from The Sun’s political editor Harry Cole before ushering the rest of the World’s press out of the room.


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While following a speech in Illinois about vaccine takeup in the USA last month, the President delivered a howler of a speech in a totally rambling address where he branded female Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ‘Mister’.

While later on, the President of the United States confused a television for a telephone when he told viewers about a conversation he had with a hospital worker.

He said: “Last night I was on the television, on television… I was on the telephone with a person at an emergency hospital ward.”

Rasmussen’s most recent poll suggested Biden’s approval rating currently stands at -12 percent as the President rides out the legacy of the deadly Afghanistan withdrawal and a spiralling employment crisis in the States.

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