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Man abducted as child and held captive by rapist helped change law to jail pervs

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A man who was abducted and raped when he was 13-years-old was kept in a small underground box by his captor in the US.

Paul Martin Andrew was held captive in a tiny plywood box and chained by serial rapist Richard Ausley in 1973.

Ausley then forced him at knife point to strip naked before covering Paul in Vaseline and sexually assaulting him over a number of days in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Martin was speaking about the ordeal during the Fox Nation series Lost Then Found: Tales of a Kidnapping.

He told the program: “It is not a crime that just happens and it’s over. That crime stays with those children for the rest of their lives. They will live that moment, they will live with that assault, that degradation."

Martin had gone to the shop to buy Milk when a blue van pulled alongside him and the man offered him cash to help move some furniture to his brother’s home.

The man identified himself as PeeWee, later revealed as Ausley, and Martin agreed to go with him, according to Morbidology.

Ausley took Martin to a dirt road near a swamp where their path was blocked by a chain.

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He told Martin that they would need to go get the key which was nearby in the woodland.

They came to the box, where Martin would be kept, where Ausley pulled out a knife and told him ““I’ve got bad news for you. You’ve just been kidnapped.”

Martin was then threatened into stripping naked and was told to lie down on his stomach in the box.

Ausley then covered Martin Paul with Vaseline before sexually assaulting him.

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This would continue for over eight days, as well as severe beatings that would see injuries to both Martin’s eyes, nose and damage to his tooth.

Martin was only found when rabbit hunters heard Paul’s screams for help and called the police.

Ausley was quickly caught and was revealed to be a repeat offender.

On the day he abducted Martin, Ausley was supposed to be in court on a sodomy charge which involved a 14-year-old boy.

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He had also been on parole for a 1961 abduction of a 10-year-old boy who he had hogtied, sexually assaulted and then left in the woods.

Martin kept his story quiet until 2002 when he heard Ausley was about to be released from prison.

He told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that “This man is a monster” before talking in detail of his experience as Ausley prepared for parole.

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Martin told the Fox Nation program: "I needed to remind people that this story happened, that these things, these horrible things happen to children – and if you allow sex offenders to roam freely after having committed multiple offenses, they will do it again."

He successfully managed to change laws that kept Ausley behind bars and helped fund programs to rehabilitate sex offenders with the aim of keeping children safe.

Ausley was not given parole and died in prison after being attacked by a fellow inmate.

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