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‘Oo he’s tired!’ Soubry rages at Boris Johnson for ‘swanning off to Marbella’

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Boris Johnson: Hosken says ‘is it so bad he’s gone on holiday?’

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The furious former MP told Sky News it was wrong of Mr Johnson to jet off on holiday amid fuel shortages and supply chain chaos in Britain but claimed she was not surprised given he is “the most notoriously lazy prime minister” as she launched a scathing dismissal of him.

A furious Ms Soubry hammered: “He hasn’t gone for a couple of days!

“Now we know why he was so keen to finish that conference speech that he gave.

“He was thinking ‘I’ve got to get back, pack my bags and then I’m going off’.

“I’m sorry, he has a whole team of people running the country by and large because he is the most notoriously lazy prime minister!”

She went on to mock “oh poor old Boris, he’s tired” for taking a holiday to Marbella in the south of Spain.

The Remainer branded the idea the prime minister needs a holiday because of his tiredness as “for the birds” as she ruthlessly laid into Mr Johnson further.

Ms Soubry added: ”He has decided to swan off on his jolly’s and it is not acceptable! The timing couldn’t be worse!

“It’s like he doesn’t really care. He has got an 80 [seat] majority and he just thinks everything will be fine! It’s all alright!

She slammed: “No policy, no problems! Going to be great!”

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