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Macron will strike back! Boris issued dire fishing warning – UK faces ‘toxic power vacuum’

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GB News: Christys slams France’s threat to cut off Jersey’s power

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Amid the escalating tensions over fishing licences in Jersey, one industry body has warned Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has left a “power vacuum”. Not only has the deal left a vacuum but has also created a “toxic” power tussle between France and the UK, Barrie Deas chief executive of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations warned. Speaking to, Mr Deas called on the Government to find a new equilibrium between the two sides or it may risk harming the fishing industry in the UK.

Asked on whether he expects a further response from France, Mr Deas said: “I think what we have is a situation where instead of moving from one equilibrium to another, we have a kind of power vacuum.

“The current arrangements will last until 2026 but nobody really knows what’s going to happen after that.

“It’s left us in a toxic situation.

“I think the danger now is that these frictions will remain because we haven’t moved to that new equilibrium.

“We’ve kind of left ourselves in limbo.”

After granting 12 out of 47 licences for French vessels to use the waters around Jersey, officials across the Channel have warned they may cut energy supplies to the UK.

French Prime Minister, Jean Castex has also indicated the government may cancel bilateral agreements with the UK.

Commenting on the comments made by French officials, Mr Deas concluded: “I mean, there’s got to be concern about that.

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“Because you’re not moving to a solution.

“I think there’s scope for those kinds of tensions are going to go away quickly, but at the same time, there are shared stocks between the EU and the UK 100.

“So, geopolitics means that we just can’t walk away from each other, we do have to work together collaboratively.”

Mr Castex also insisted the UK has not respected the deals it has agreed and cannot be tolerated.


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He told French MPs: “Britain does not respect its own signature.

“Month after month, the UK presents new conditions and delays giving definitive licences, this cannot be tolerated.”

French officials are also pressuring the EU Commission into taking punitive action against the UK over the number of fishing licences.

French officials want import tariffs placed on UK goods in order to pressure Britain into backing down and allowing more licences.

Indeed, Mr Castex has claimed more must be done to punish the UK over the application of licences.

Mr Castex concluded: “We will use the arbitration panel of the agreement to force the British to respect their word.

“We will question all the conditions for the more comprehensive implementation of the agreements concluded under the aegis of the European Union, but also, if necessary, the bilateral cooperation that we have with the United Kingdom in many areas.”

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