Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023


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Covid-19 checkpoint breach: Car rolls, crashes near Waterview Tunnel, woman injured

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A driver who burst through Auckland’s southern border and breached a Covid-19 checkpoint crashed and rolled after police spiked the car.

Police said a speeding driver failed to stop at about 12.50am today.

She continued on for about half an hour and tens of kilometres, reaching central Auckland.

Road spikes were deployed just after the Waterview Tunnel, a police spokeswoman said.

“The driver crashed into a barrier and the vehicle rolled.”

The female driver was the only person in the car, and she received moderate injuries.

The tunnel is on the western edge of central Auckland and more than 50km from the southern checkpoint.

The northbound driver went through the State Highway 1/Orams Rd checkpoint between Meremere and Pōkeno.

A witness believed the driver who crashed was in her 20s. An ambulance was seen at the crash location.

“Ongoing inquiries are being made into potential further action relating to the checkpoint breach,” police added.

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