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Prime Minister POLL: Do you think Boris Johnson is doing a good job as PM? VOTE

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Boris Johnson on sending ‘corduroy cosmonaut into orbit’

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Data revealed by YouGov has indicated that there has been a switch in public attitude towards Boris Johnson. For a solid 10 months, voters believed Mr Johnson should remain as Tory leader, but since the beginning of August, a larger share of people said he should stand down and let someone else take over as Prime Minister.


Within the Conservative Party, this sentiment is echoed.

According to the Conservative Home league tables, Mr Johnson had a net satisfaction rate of 39.2 amongst his Tory peers in June, but in July this figure slipped to a mere 3.4.

In September, he gained traction and his performance came in at a satisfactory rating of 13.2, which was the sixth-lowest score of all 31 cabinet members.

In comparison, Ben Wallace, Lord Frost, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and Rishi Sunak all scored in the 60’s range – leagues ahead of the Prime Minister.

Most strikingly of all, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, has managed to stay in the number one spot as favourite member of the cabinet for the past four months and has continuously achieved a satisfaction score between 82.8 and 89.8.

Who do you think would lead the country better than Boris Johnson? Vote now.

Additional research carried out by YouGov asked participants whether they think Mr Johnson is competent or incompetent, and the results were shocking.

On September 6, 57 percent of YouGov voters said that Mr Johnson is incompetent, whilst just 28 percent believe him to be competent, and 15 percent were not sure.

The Prime Minister gave his keynote speech to the Conservative Party conference on Wednesday, which contained a fountain of intellectual jokes.

He opened by referring to Michael Gove as “Jon Bon Govey” and saluting his embarrassing nightclub dancing, exposed by the press in August, as “jiving, hip-happening, and generally funkapolitan”.

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But despite the jovial banter, a poll conducted by Opinium found that Mr Johnson’s speech was liked less than Sir Keir Starmer’s speech at the Labour Party conference.

Sir Keir had a more serious tone addressing key issues such as the fuel crisis.

Aiming his comments at Mr Johnson he said: “Either get a grip, or get out of the way and let us step up and clear up this mess.”

Of Opinium’s votership, 46 percent said Boris came across as if he cares about ordinary people, compared to 68 percent who thought Mr Starmer was more caring.

A 44 percent share said Boris was in touch with people’s concerns during his speech, while a larger 60 percent believe Sir Keir to be more in touch.

More people found Sir Keir interesting and agreed with what he said compared to Boris.

In a similar vein, YouGov data found 61 percent of people said the Prime Minister is not trustworthy, and only 21 percent said he is.

In April 2020, 61 percent of YouGov participants said Mr Johnson is a strong leader, and now only 29 percent say he is strong whilst 53 percent of voters say he is weak.

Is it time for him to pass the baton on to another cabinet member if the Tories want to stay in power? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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The next general election is in May 2024, and likeability has a strong role to play in swaying the public vote.

So far, leader of the opposition Sir Keir has been criticised for a lack of charisma.

Mr Johnson is known not only as Prime Minister but also as a comical character who has been prominent in the public eye for decades, even appearing on tv comedy show Have I Got News For You.

But according to You Gov data, this month Mr Johnson has been classed as more dislikeable than likeable for the first time since October 2019.

Are your opinions reflected in the polling results by YouGov and Opinium? Have your say in’s poll.

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