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Cat owner rewatches pet cam and says she ‘never wants to leave home again’

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A woman set up her phone as a pet cam to see how her kitten reacted when she left home – and her "heart melted" when she saw what happened.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by user Ashleigh @ashleighleyla her ragdoll cat sits on the floor in front of the camera and watches her walk out the front door.

The little kitten then meows and squeaks and sits and watches the door.

She wanders around a little but keeps returning to look at the door.

In the on-screen text, Ashleigh writes: "I left my phone recording to see how my kitten reacts when I leave.

"I can confirm I never want to leave her again. That cry… she just sits and waits."

Ashleigh uploaded the clip with the caption: "My heart melted when I watched this."

It has since been watched more than 360,000 times and received thousands of comments.

One person said: "I'm too afraid to try this because I will have to quit my job."

"They break our hearts don't they," said another person.

A third user shared: "And that's why I can't have a cat now I leave home at 6am and come back at 18:20. I would be so worried they are alone all day."

Someone else wrote: "My friend did this with his dog she just pretty much sat at the door waiting for eight hours. She now goes to work with him."

This comes after a dog owner re-watched their pet cam to find out their cat was using the pooch as a "pillow" while home alone.

Kelvin, the ginger tabby, and Joule, a vizsla, have become internet sensations thanks to their close friendship.

Cute footage shows how the pair love to cosy up on sofas together.

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