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Extinction Rebellion boss says he’s like Martin Luther King or Winston Churchill

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The founder of Extinction Rebellion compared himself to Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King and the heroes of the Suffragette era in a boastful rant.

Roger Hallam couldn't help himself compare the climate change cause to the anti-Nazi fight, black civil rights and women's voting.

Speaking on podcast Unbreak the Planet with Mike Galsworthy, Mr Hallam justified Insulate Britain's road blockages and said the public will be grateful in years to come.

He quoted opponents and said: "'People are against you.' 'Why are you blocking the road?' 'You're blocking people.'

"But over the longer term they go, 'That was justified because of the objective injustice that those people were highlighting through the disruption.'

"So for instance, like Martin Luther King, was the most unpopular man in America in 1961 – 'he was a communist', 'he was polluting the minds of the young'.

"The point is, through persisting in the disruption, there's a breakthrough point – and that breakthrough point comes very fast.

"It's a non-linear thing. So by 1968, he's a saint."

Aside from Hallam's dodgy history – King was assassinated in 1968 – the XR co-founder didn't stop himself comparing the cause to Winston Churchill's either.

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Roger continued: "What Churchill said to the nation is: tough.

"'We've got this guy [Hitler], he's a monster, we're going to have to go to war – as a matter of duty, honour, all the rest of it'.

"Then, in a matter of months, the whole nation went 'OK, that's the reality'.

"That's the process we need on the climate.

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"What it means is the willingness to sacrifice your material interest for your children."

Mr Hallam isn't being modest by comparing the nobility of his cause to that of history's shining stars.

But the terrifying reality of climate change isn't a million miles off, either.

Yesterday Insulate Britain protestors clashed with motorists during a protest in the Blackwall Tunnel, London.

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Protestors blocked a woman desperate to see her 81-year-old mother in hospital.

Roger has said that he too would not have moved for the woman – and would even block an ambulance in order to get the campaign group's message across.

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