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BBC Weather: Heavy showers to lash UK as torrential downpours to unleash 40mm of rain

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BBC Weather: Torrential rain and gusty winds to hit UK

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Speaking to BBC Breakfast weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood told viewers how Autumnal weather has well and truly arrived. Monday looks set to see more heavy rainfall hit millions of Britons as an expected 30mm-40mm of rainfall could fall in northern areas of England.

Ms Kirkwood said how there is some torrential rain moving across the southeast on Monday morning but that will clear as the day wears on.

She added how for most of us, we are looking at “a day of sunshine and showers” while some of those will be torrential.

The weather presenter went on to note how there will be varying amounts of cloud but not as breezy as it was at the weekend.

This varying cloud will see the sun break through in some areas of the country throughout Monday. 

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Ms Kirkwood added: “Later in the day our next area of low pressure, that too is going to produce some torrential rain and gusty winds.”

But rain will continue to arrive in westerly areas, some of those will be heavy, thundery, and even bring hail with it.

Monday will see highs of 17C in Norwich, 16C in London, 15C in Hull, 16C in Cardiff, 14C in Newcastle, and 13C in Glasgow.

As we move into Monday evening Britons see the arrival of a huge wet weather front crashing in from the west which will drench southwest England, Wales and continue up through the midlands.

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She added how this front could bring between 30mm and 40mm of rain in a matter of hours.

This rain is then set to linger on Tuesday as it “wraps around” the UK soaking much of Britain in its path.

It will bring especially heavy rainfall across the northeast and northwest of England which could see torrential levels of rain.

Breezy and brisk winds will blow in around wet areas making it feel cooler.


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While Tuesday will see temperatures fall slightly to 15C in London, 14C in Liverpool, 14C in Belfast and 13C in Aberdeen.

Ms Kirkwood added how Wednesday will see a brief pause in the wet weather but it will not last long for many.

A new weather front is set to smash areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland with yet more rain and winds on Wednesday as it looks set to be another dreary day for Britons in those areas.

While it will be sunny and drier in the rest of the UK on Wednesday with highs of 17C in London.

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