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Terrified TikToker calls police after finding bones in the walls of his house

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A traumatised TikToker found what appeared to be human bones in the walls of his house.

Francis Chuckie Raven got in touch with cops straight after finding the bizarre skeletal shapes between bricks in his wall.

When he looked deeper, Francis was horrified to find entire bones, LadBible reported.

In the viral video, he filmed the bones on the floor and said he was urgently awaiting police attention.

Taxidermist Francis said: "Waiting for cops to come, found some bones in my wall.

"Are they human? I don't f***ing know. I hope not though."

Francis then took himself to the police station, putting the bones in a bag.

He even filmed himself sitting outside the station, bag of bones hanging between his legs.

Thankfully police testing found they weren't human bones at all – but lamb chops.

Francis explained in his next video: "Just got a call back from the cops and the lady said, 'the results are in, they're lamb chop bones'.

"So that was a complete waste of their time, but what am I meant to do?

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"Why are they in my wall? I can't leave my wall bones there."

He was relieved to know no one had been skinned and chopped up in his own home.

At least not a human.

Considering his profession, that'll bring Francis a lot of reassurance.

He added he'll even put some taxidermy in the wall for the next owner of the home.

Talk about a new lease of life.

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