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Boris Johnson approval: PM starts Tory conference on back foot amid DEVASTATING polls

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Keir Starmer refers to Boris Johnson as a ‘tool’ during speech

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The Prime Minister won’t take the stage until Wednesday, as he looks to trounce a well-received appearance from Sir Keir Starmer last week. But while the Labour leader made his case for power, Mr Johnson has hit several bumps in the road. The challenges facing him and the rest of the UK have already impacted his ratings, meaning he now faces an uphill battle.

Mr Johnson’s leadership has introduced challenges in 2021, centred around Brexit, the pandemic and their impact on the economy.

The country is still seeing tens of thousands of cases and hundreds of deaths per day, with the economy struggling amid supply chain constraints.

Brexit has left the UK with a sizeable reduction in its pool of HGV drivers, as roughly 14,000 left the country this year.

They won’t come back due to the pandemic and remaining red tape, and the resulting food and fuel shortage has left Britons unimpressed, with queues forming at petrol stations.

Recent polling reflects growing discontent with Mr Johnson.

Political publication POLITICO collated results from polls across the board and found most people disapprove of him.

According to these polls, only 45 percent of people approved of him as of September 27.

A majority – 55 percent – disapprove, cementing a recent trend that started developing in summer this year.

Just as Mr Johnson considered rescinding Covid restrictions in June, his ratings held level at 50 percent approval and 50 percent disapproval.

In the months since, his approval has only declined, reaching a low of 43 percent in July.

Although it has since risen by two points, there is little indication it could do so again any time soon.

At present, it seems more likely to hold steady than drop, but disapproval could intensify if the fuel crisis goes on any longer.

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Recently, the public has laid blame on media organisations for “inciting” panic buying.

A YouGov poll found the majority of 3,361 Britons – 47 percent – quizzed on September 28 blamed the media.

Just 23 percent blamed the Government, and 22 percent the public.

Experts predict that if ministers can’t solve the crisis, the blame will eventually shift to ministers.

Although the Government will soon send in the army and overseas HGV drivers, the public is already tired of their approach.

Last week, petrol station bosses accused ministers of “gaslighting” the public.

Simon Clarke, chief secretary to the Treasury, said the petrol crisis is “now absolutely something which is back under control” and improving.

But one petrol station owner told the Daily Telegraph it was like ministers were “gaslighting the public”, as the chaos continued on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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