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Shallow ladies’ man says woman asked to move in with him but wasn’t ‘hot enough’

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A self-proclaimed ladies' man who thinks he's a 'proper lad' has publicly shamed a 'plain Jane' after she begged to move in with him just hours after they met, saying he would only move in with her if she was 'hot'.

Asher Baron claims he 'wasn't really interested' in a brunette, known only as Katie, who he met at a mutual friend's flat at 4am on Sunday morning but chatted to her for 15 minutes to 'kill time'.

However, the next day he was baffled to see she'd messaged him pleading to stay at his apartment in Manhattan, New York, 'for a month or two' as her current lease was due to expire.

In screenshots that have since gone viral, the 25-year-old singleton rebuffed the bizarre request and questioned how a 'stranger' like him had become an flatmate option – but resilient Katie kept pressing to move in.

She explained she felt the pair 'hit it off' during their brief boozy chat and even cheekily asked if he has a washer dryer to do her laundry, but confused Asher claimed he barely remembered their conversation.

After denying her with 'the no-est no of all time' he's since slammed her as having a 'princess mentality' and believing 'everyone's mission is to look after her'.

He posted the screengrabs to Instagram and Twitter in disbelief later that day and they've gone viral with more than 1,000 interactions labelling the situation 'insane'.

However Katie has since defended her actions, hitting out at Asher by saying she thought he was 'nice' but his response has disappointed her and she's since blocked him on social media.

Asher, from Manhattan, New York, said: "I think this girl's been told yes a lot in her life and she just thinks she can snap her fingers and get everything. She assumed I was going to be on-board.

"You could tell she was trying to engage in conversation but I wasn't really interested. She wasn't ugly but she wasn't the hottest girl in the room either and I was just chatting very loosely.

"I was pretty unengaging and not really listening to what she was saying. I can't for certain say I even looked her in the eyes much. In the kindest way possible, she was nothing special. If I met her again I'd have a tough time recognising her."

Asher said he was questioning if he was being insensitive, but thinks he wasn't. "I'm a friendly guy, but where's the long list of family members, friends or even slightly more-connected strangers," he said.

"It's weird that she doesn't think it's weird."

But shallow Asher said he'd consider the offer if he considered the woman 'better looking.'

"But if she was better looking, what proper lad wouldn't consider it. If I was going to get murdered or robbed at least I could at least say 'well she's hot'."

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After Katie saw the viral screenshots of her bizarre request, she messaged Asher claiming she 'didn't expect' the reaction, but Asher is confused why she would have expected anything since they're simply acquaintances.

The 25-year-old says he doesn't feel bad for posting the exchange, after some Twitter users criticised him, because he thinks it's a 'learning opportunity' for Katie.

Katie said: "I was definitely surprised by his reaction because I figured he would at least talk about it with me, but he immediately thought I was joking.

"When I met him the night before I thought he was nice, but I definitely overestimated him."

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