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Opinion | Vaccine Mandates for Hospital and School Employees

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To the Editor:

Re “As Vaccine-Wary Staff Prepare to Lose Jobs, New York Hospitals Brace for Strain” (news article, Sept. 27):

I am a doctor, and I am dismayed that so many of my colleagues would rather lose their jobs than be vaccinated. No one, especially a health care worker, has the right to put a patient’s health in jeopardy when there is no risk to themselves.

This reminds me of the situation in 1981 with the air traffic controllers, whom I did support, but that showed that you can get through a crisis of mass firings of essential workers. The take-home lesson is that there is a difference between being essential and being irreplaceable. While employees need protection against employer abuse and exploitation, the current situation is neither.

For those who feel that this is a matter of personal autonomy, I say that sometimes taking a stand comes with personal sacrifice. That is their right and their choice, but what they are being asked to do is reasonable.

Charles Berk

To the Editor:

No more excuses. Let’s not let the anti-vaccination people spoil it for the rest of us. It’s time we unite. I want to go to a hospital or clinic where everyone is vaccinated. I did my part; now it’s time others do theirs. So I will not allow any medical personnel to treat me unless they are vaccinated. We can all do this, and the pressure will not only be on the government and business, but also on individuals. Let’s take back our power.

The same goes with schools. A teacher who does not want to be vaccinated endangers the life of fellow workers and the students. Children are suffering and dying because of denial by supposedly responsible adults. Let’s get together as parents and demand vaccinated teachers, coaches and school staff.

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