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‘Clearly not on the same planet!’ Keir Starmer savaged amid Labour Party conference woes

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Labour: Keir Starmer ‘not on the same page’ says Jeremy Kyle

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Jeremy Kyle has blasted Sir Keir Starmer as “clearly not on the same planet as the rest of us” over the Labour Party leader’s response to attempts by the left to “hijack” the party conference in Brighton. The TalkRADIO presenter read out the Labour leader’s response to the shock resignation of the Corbynite shadow minister Andy MacDonald on-air. It comes as Keir Starmer faces a struggle to stamp his authority on Labour amid an ongoing civil war between rival wings of the party.

Mr Kyle told TalkRADIO: “Frankly we need a good opposition.

“Keir Starmer spent almost 15 months trying to bring this ship to one and it has all gone wrong.

“He has arrived at the Labour Party conference Angela Rayner as deputy has called all the Tory frontbench scum and slagged them off.

“Then they got into a big row about cervixes and woman, I am not getting involved.”

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“And then one of his shadow cabinet ministers resigned today,” continued Mr Kyle.

“This is his response to the left of the party hijacking day one, tell me whether this guy could be the Prime Minister.

“How do you feel Sir Keir about somebody resigning, ‘my focus and that of the whole party is on winning the next election.’

“Patently not on the same planet as the rest of us.”

Politics Live: Voters give their view on Keir Starmer

It comes as a Labour voter in Hastings provided a brutal assessment of the problem the party faces under the leadership of Sir Keir.

The voter told BBC Politics Live: “Keir, oh bless him!

“He is so educated and such a clever man.

“But he is so unpopular.”

“I thought at the beginning he was a great strategist,” added another Hastings resident.

“And he had spent all his apparent silence at the beginning…developing some masterplan.

“But his masterplan seems to be just to attack his colleagues.

“I am not really sure that is the way forward.”

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