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Bank robber’s fake leg falls off mid-robbery as he’s wrestled by customers

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A bank robbery went badly wrong when one of the thieves’ prosthetic legs fell off as he confronted staff with a toy gun.

The suspect – thought to be a 45-year-old Italian – was left to fend for himself after the incident, when his partner ran off without him on the fateful Friday afternoon.

Police haven’t located any of the unlucky robber’s accomplices and they’re still hunting for both the runaway man and the people acting as look-outs outside, reports Metro.

The dopey pair didn’t get a penny from the bank, called Banco Sabadell in the Costa Blanca city of Alicante.

Bemused witnesses said the pistol was "so obviously fake" and saw the robber in his disguise of a cap and sunglasses.

Customers and workers in the bank knew they could overpower him, and as they wrestled him to the floor his prosthetic leg fell off.

They then placed him under citizens’ arrest as cops raced to the scene.

The unnamed suspect will appear in court this weekend for a remand hearing.

It is understood he is known to cops and detectives are trying to find out more about the other people in his group.

A source involved in the incident claimed: "The man who was held had a prosthetic leg which came free during the struggle that took place inside the bank he was trying to rob.

"It made it virtually impossible for him to make a quick getaway."

Cops are yet to make an official statement. They are unlikely to make one until they’ve made further arrests.

It comes just one month after a bank robber failed to make off with any cash as his handwriting was so poor that staff at a Nationwide Building Society didn’t understand that he was trying to threaten them.

Alan Slattery, 67, from St Leonards in Hastings, was forced to leave the bank with nothing when cashiers couldn’t read his note.

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