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How hot does your town like it? The nation’s spice preferences revealed…

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We all know that KFC ’s Popcorn Chicken is practically a national treasure – crunchy, moreish, delicious little pops of 100 per cent chicken breast – but here’s some news: IT JUST GOT SPICY. For a limited time, it’s acquired an edge, a kick, a fiery twist to tantalise your tastebuds. Introducing the Zinger Popcorn Bucket.

Trialled in ten lucky locations in April, it proved so popular it’s now officially launching across the UK, so that everyone can feel the burn! But where are the spice fiends who’ll be going straight off to order it, and which of us Brits are more chary with the chilli?


KFC surveyed the nation’s spice preferences, asking residents in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, London, the North East, North West, Yorkshire, East Midlands, West Midlands, East of England, South East and South West how spicy they like their food.

The results show that it’s Londoners who have the biggest appetite for heat: 46 per cent of those in the capital said they like their food to be nice and spicy or even to feel their mouths on fire. The Scots and West Midlanders are runners-up in their love of the burn, at 41 and 40 per cent respectively.

But spice is off the menu in Yorkshire: around one in five people declared that they prefer their food mild – the highest number of any region surveyed. Hot on their heels (but not in their tastes) were those in the East of England.

The survey also revealed the gap between people’s estimation of their own region’s appetite for spice and the reality. Residents of Northern Ireland were widest off the mark, guessing that only 16 per cent would like fiery food, whereas the true figure was 38 per cent. In contrast, 45 per cent of those in the North West thought their population would love serious spice, but it was actually a mere 32 per cent.

London and the West Midlands came out top when people were asked which region they thought would have the greatest penchant for spicy food, and they were broadly right. But those in the South West were wrongly assumed to have the least tolerance for the tingle factor.

And what about you? Can you take the heat? If you’re a dance-till-dawn, touch-of-the-hedonist kind of person who loves food that makes your eyes widen and your tongue take notice, the Zinger Popcorn Bucket is your order of dreams. If you get your kicks from breaking in your new lambswool slippers in front of Call the Midwife, and your flavour frisson comes from a sprinkling of parsley… maybe not so much.

The Zinger Popcorn Bucket is only here until October 31, so now’s the time to find out if you can handle the heat!

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