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BBC Weather: Temperatures spike to 24C for late September heat ahead of 7-day downpours

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BBC Weather: Murky start before temperatures rise across UK

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BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor said temperatures on Friday remain slightly above where they should be for the time of year. He added, over the weekend many parts of the UK will remain dry with only some small outbreaks of rain in Scotland. By Sunday night however, a new weather front is expected to move in to start a very wet start to the new week. 

Mr Taylor said: “It will be a lovely day ahead, it is going to be a warm September day with that sunshine continuing.

“The cloud will continue to build across some western areas and you will see some patchy rain around some hills and coasts but most will be dry.

“Through the afternoon we will see temperatures lift to low 20s especially for central and eastern areas.

“We could get 20 or 21c in Aberdeenshire and 24C is possible in parts of East Anglia.

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“Even in the cloudier spots in the west, temperatures will still be well above where they should be for the time of year.”

The BBC weather forecaster noted that over the weekend areas will see a mix of cloudy skies and sunshine.

It should remain dry for most parts of the UK on Saturday with Scotland seeing most of the rain.

He continued: “We will see rain at times in northern Scotland and some heavy bursts of rain too.

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“There will be further mist around western coasts with some drizzle but just note those temperatures on Saturday morning, we will start Saturday in the teens for many.

“There will be a lot of cloud around to start your weekend on Saturday and there will be the odd isolated shower as well.”

Mr Taylor then spoke about how the newest weather front on Sunday will impact Monday’s weather. 

He Taylor said: “There will be rain spreading into Northern Ireland and some of it will be heavy.

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“They will be just inching into Scotland and western parts of Wales as well as Cornwall later in the day.

“That will bring a change so as temperatures get into the 20s on Sunday, once again that rain will sweep through on Sunday night.

“For Monday it is going to introduce fresh conditions for us all and it will start to free properly like autumn.”

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