Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023


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Couple having sex in car knock handbrake and are sent rolling down hill

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A couple had to be embarrassingly rescued by police after their car flipped during a steamy vehicle encounter.

The randy pair were in the middle of a love-making session in their small Toyota Yaris when they accidentally knocked the handbrake.

In an unfortunate twist of passionate fate, the car ended up rolling down a hill and the couple were left in the vehicle flipped on its side.

Pictures released from Derbyshire Police showed couple's antics.

One of the shocking photos shows the car on its side in a secluded country road chosen from prying eyes.

The police account tweeted: "At an undisclosed location in Derbyshire the couple occupying this Yaris had parked up and were strengthening their relationship.

"Whilst doing so the handbrake has become disengaged and it rolled down a hill before flipping on its side.

"No injuries. #DriveToArrive".

Social media have had a great time mocking the couple.

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One said: "Please practice safe sex and leave handbrake on."

Another wrote: "Whoever came up with that one 'strengthening their relationship' brilliant!"

A third said: "When I said let’s try a different position, this isn’t what I meant."

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In other steamy news, a couple who have already been handed a suspended sentence for having sex in public have been arrested again for allegedly romping in a photo booth.

Eric and Lori Harmon were arrested on Wednesday morning, September 22, and charged with indecent exposure and participation in preparation of obscene material.

They were arrested in January for getting frisky on a Ferris wheel and a judge sentenced the couple to three years in prison, with the sentence being suspended upon their service of two years’ probation.

But now, just five months later, the pair have been arrested on suspicion of performing sex acts in an arcade photo booth in Garden City, South Carolina, the US.

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