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‘Don’t need one, Biden!’ Brexit Britain does not require new trade deal with US – expert

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UK-US trade deal: Meyer says ‘we don’t need this agreement’

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Former UK ambassador to the US, Sir Christopher Meyer argued that it was not a surprise that Boris Johnson and Joe Biden are not going to agree on a new Brexit free trade deal agreement anytime soon. While speaking on TalkRadio with host Julia Hartley-Brewer he insisted the UK did not even need a trade deal. He praised the current trading arrangements with the US and said it was booming and growing.

He added that the UK could enter a worse agreement if it rushed a new trade arrangement with the US due to its tough stance on trade.

Ms Hartley-Brewer said: “Boris Johnson and Joe Biden appear to be bonding very nicely in the White House when they met yesterday.

“This is after the Prime Minister had been in New York to talk about climate change.

“What did you make of the Prime Minister had to say, on a post-Brexit trade deal?”

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Sir Meyer said: “It has been pretty obvious for a very long time that a trade deal under this administration is not going to come any time soon.

“This was not a surprise to the Prime Minister and he did his very best when briefing the press when travelling over the Atlantic to lower expectations.

“Expectations have been low for a very long time, actually it was to be expected.

“I actually don’t think a US trade deal is particularly desirable anyway.”

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Mr Meyer went into greater detail as to why the UK and US’ current trading arrangement was sufficient.

He also warned the UK could enter a worse trade deal due to the US’ reputation for difficult negotiations.

He said: “Already the trade relationship between the UK and US is enormous, booming and expanding.

“I think the mutual investment picture, which is all part of this, is still a case of being the most important foreign investor to the other.

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“So, it is not as if this relationship is crawling along in a poor state, it is booming and it is healthy.

“You can deal with it product by-product, as has happened with whisky and something else that slips my mind at the moment.

“But we don’t actually need this trade agreement.

“I actually fear that based on the strength of negotiating tactics on trade we might come out the worse if we did go into it.”

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