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Murderer dubbed ‘Freddy Krueger’ went on killing spree inspired by horror films

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The mother of a murderer dubbed the "Freddy Krueger Killer" has made desperate pleas to get her son mental health aid for a severe personality disorder that went ignored.

In September 2004, Daniel Gonzalez, 24, was found guilty of the murder of four people and the attempted murder of two others during a two-day horror movie-inspired killing spree.

He had the ultimate goal to become Britain's most prolific serial killer and had fantasies of spending a day as Freddie Krueger of the film Nightmare on Elm Street.

His deceased victims – identified as Peter King, 61, Marie Harding, 76, Kevin Molloy , 46 and Koumis Constantinou – were stabbed in a series of random, unprovoked attacks in Hove, Portsmouth and London.

In the attack on Harding, Gonzalez wore a mask similar to the character Jason Voorhees in the movie Friday the 13th.

It was later used as DNA evidence matching Gonzalez to Harding's murder.

Within hours of his final attack, Gonzalez was arrested.

The mentally ill murderer was held in Broadmoor where doctors said he was the sickest patient in the high-security hospital, according to the Independent.

But there has been one question on true crime fans' minds ever since – could these slayings have been prevented?

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In a string of complaints filed by his mother, Lesley Savage, she accused health and social services of ignoring her pleas during a decade-long struggle to get help.

Back in 2006, Lesley claimed in an interview that she had previously written a letter to her MP and social services, saying that a serious incident had to occur before he could receive mental help.

In the letter, dated June 22, 1998, she rhetorically asked the director of Surrey social services: "Does Daniel have to murder or be murdered before he can get the treatment he so badly needs?"

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On another occasion, she wrote "I need help" in capital letters on a carer's assessment application form.

Both pleas went ignored.

It later emerged that nine months before the killings, in October 2003, Gonzalez wrote to his GP himself saying "please, please help me, this is very urgent" as he felt paranoid, suicidal and could not cope.

The GP referred him to the hospital but he was not treated.

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After his arrest, Gonzalez attempted to commit suicide by biting through an artery in his arm but survived. Doctors said they had never seen anyone bite themselves as ferociously.

Despite overwhelming evidence that Daniel was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and was driven to carry out his crimes by voices in his head, a jury rejected claims for diminished responsibility.

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This defence would have meant he was guilty of manslaughter but instead he was tried for murder.

The prosecution said he was a psychopath, who took extensive quantities of drugs and who "killed because of the callous, cold person he is".

He was given six life sentences, with the trial judge recommending that he should never be released.

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However, three years into his sentence, in August 2007, he committed suicide in his room in Broadmoor Hospital using shards of a broken CD case.

Daniel's case landed him on Sky Crime's latest episode of Britian's Most Evil which airs on Tuesdays at 9pm.

For emotional support, you can call the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123, email [email protected], visit a Samaritans branch in person or go to the Samaritans website.

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