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‘Emmanuel Macron looks ridiculous’ Nigel Farage mocks France ‘throwing toys out of pram’

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GB News presenter Nigel Farage insisted that France was throwing its “toys out of the pram” by pulling out its ambassadors in the US and Australia. This comes after Australia backed out of a deal to buy submarines from the French, a billion euro deal. While speaking on GB News, Mr Farage added that French President Emmanuel Macron looked ridiculous.

He went on to say that Brexit was proving to be the right thing to do for the UK as it realigned with the US and Australia.

Mr Farage said: “The French have gone potty.

“Despite the fact that we have offered a 21st-century solution and there’s was a 20th-century solution, the French have thrown their toys out of the pram.

“I could scarcely believe that they withdrew their ambassador from Washington over the weekend.

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“They have done the same from Canberra in Australia.

“Emmanuel Macron is making loud and petulant noises, frankly he looks ridiculous.

“There was going to be a defence summit this week between France and the UK.

“It was a course that Tony Blair set us on for us to be much closer to France in military terms.

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“They have cancelled the summit and rubbishing the UK and claiming we are a junior partner.”

Mr Farage then went on to say that this row between the four nations is showing that Brexit was the right move for the UK.

He continued: “What is really happened here is the globalist nightmare.

“It is a nightmare for France and Brussels and the European Union.

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“This is because what we are doing is showing ourselves to realign with the Anglosphere and looking at the world in a different way.

“NATO, north Atlantic treaty organisation but now it is the Pacific and the far east where we need to be genuinely concerned in security terms about the future.

“I think with this move we are showing ourselves and the world that in foreign policy terms, Brexit was the right thing to do.”

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