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UK long-range forecast: Brutal storms to hit Britain as 3 tropical tempests blast Europe

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UK weather: Met Office forecasts thundery showers across UK

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Accuweather’s long-range weather forecast for Europe shows that a tropical system will strike in the first half of the autumn season which starts on September 22. Forecasters at the service predict the tropical system will strike Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and northern England.

However, into late October and November, this threat will also shift south into northwestern Spain and Portugal.

The changes in storm patterns, forecasters explain, comes from a change to the La Niña pattern developing in the Pacific, which affects weather patterns across the globe.

Sea-surface temperatures are also expected to be 1-3C above normal this year.

Forecasters have outlined means there will be plenty of energy to sustain any tropical features that track through the region.

Tyler Roys, long-range forecaster at Accuweather, said: “That is why one to three tropical entities are expected to reach Europe in the coming months.”

Because of this, the stormy weather will help to keep temperatures in check across the region.

Temperatures will range from 21-23 C (70-73F) in early autumn to 4-8C (39-47F) late in the season across the region.

The forecasting service also made clear the UK and Ireland were one of two sections of the continent where “heatwaves aren’t expected during the autumn months.”

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Mr Roys added: “Overall, temperatures throughout autumn are expected to be right around normal.

He added that the mercury may even struggle to reach normal levels some days.

Meanwhile, potent storms could occur across southern Europe with long periods of rain due to a cut off pattern of low pressure from Russia.

Mr Roys stressed that with each passing storm, the “risk for flooding across the Alps and northern Italy will increase as the rugged terrain can help to enhance rainfall.”

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Accuweather also states the La Niña pattern which will ramp up during the autumn will bring more winder conditions to the North West of Europe including the UK.

Meanwhile, for today’s forecast, Accuweather says it will be mainly dry during the day with some bright or sunny spells but there will also be variable amounts of cloud cover around.

Outbreaks of rain and drizzle will spread across Northern Ireland and Scotland, with temperatures ranging between 19C (66.2F) and 22C (71.6F)

Going into tonight, rain and drizzle will clear eastwards across Scotland during the evening and further south will be dry with clear spells.

Overnight will then continue dry with long clear spells although patches of mist and fog will form and there is a slim chance of a few isolated showers.

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