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Brexit Britain ordered to drop over-reliance on ‘threatening’ China and replace with India

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Iain Duncan Smith: 'We should be looking to develop India'

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Tory MP and former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith argued the UK was too reliant on China. While speaking on Sky News, Mr Duncan Smith claimed Brexit Britain must reduce its reliance on China. Instead, Mr Duncan Smith suggested, the UK should be looking to strengthen its ties with India.

Mr Duncan Smith said: “We need to look again at where we place our business.

“We should be looking to develop countries like India much more and work with them in the things that we do with China now.

“We want to make the nuclear industry here in the UK less dependent, it is far too dependent and it is a strategic industry.

“With communications, we were dependent until we blocked Huawei.”

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“What upsets the Chinese more than anything else is that more and more countries are coming together, their legislators are coming together and they are wanting to stand together to say you can’t bully your way through this.

“China has to become a proper functioning member of the world order, you have to stand by-laws, trade and human laws, there is no escaping it.”

Other Tory MPs have also echoed Mr Duncan Smith’s comments on improving the UK’s relationship with India. 

During an interview with Express.co.uk, Tory MP and Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, Tobias Ellwood argued Brexit Britain must better utilise its connection with India.

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Mr Ellwood said: “India is a country I am very positive about.

“We need to keep them close.

“We don’t leverage the diaspora we have here, the bond, the connectivity, we don’t leverage that nearly enough.


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“This is a massive democracy and it will be ever more powerful.

“They are looking very carefully at what China is doing, they are in an interesting part of the global neighbourhood.

“They are going to become a major power in their own right.

“I think we should do more and more to work with them and advance with them.”

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