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Taliban fighters round up terrified women in supermarket car park and open fire

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Protesters at an anti-Taliban rally in Kabul have been shot at by the terrorist group, according to reports.

Reports also suggested that the group rounded up women like cattle in a supermarket car park before opening fire.

Video footage from the streets of the Afghan capital shows protestors taking to the streets before gun fire is heard and people flee in all directions.

There was also an anti-Pakistan demonstration near the Pakistan embassy, over allegations that the country has worked closely with the Taliban.

Extremist fighters fire into the air to disperse the crowds who hold banners with messages like "Long live the resistance," along with officially recognised Afghanistan flag, a slight on the Taliban.

"The Islamic government is shooting at our poor people," one woman on the street says over sounds of gunfire in an Iranian television news video circulating on Twitter.

"These people (Taliban) are very unjust, and they are not human at all."

Reports also suggest that journalists covering the march were rounded up before being taken to an unknown location.

The Sun said that the Taliban members were using stolen police vehicles as they charged around the streets.

Classes at Ibn-e Sina University in Kabul returned for the first time since the Taliban took power and footage has also emerged of terrorists striking women with canes during a protest at a university.

Aamaj News Agency reported that some women had been rounded up like cattle to stop them rejoining the march.

Reports also stated that Taliban fighters have been spotted taking pictures of women, sparking fears that they may be compiling a dossier of people they deem to be dissenters.

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The Taliban's education authority ordered on Saturday evening that female students only be taught by other women, or older males of "good character".

Taliban fighters also broke up a protest over the weekend similarly violently, creating sever doubt that their message of a modernised outlook on female rights was true at all.

Reports yesterday stated that Taliban militants killed a pregnant police officer in front of her husband and children.

The men then reportedly mutilated her face as they went about door-to-door executions in Firozkoh, the capital of central Ghor province.

Banu Negar, who worked in a local prison, was eight months pregnant when she was killed at her home on Saturday.

Relatives are said to have supplied the BBC with graphic evidence of her horrific death, reportedly showing blood spattered on a wall along with her disfigured face.

Women's education was banned under Taliban rule in the 1990s, and its takeover in the past month has led to fears it will return to its revive its old reign of terror.

Human rights groups are alleging that Taliban militants are being documented carrying out revenge killings, detentions and persecuting religious minorities in pockets of Afghanistan.

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