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‘Loving’ lurcher saved from kill shelter hasn’t found a home in eight years

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A loving lurcher saved from a kill shelter has spent the last eight years at a rescue centre waiting for his forever home.

Benny was rescued from a stray pound in January 2013 and has been living at Lurcher Link Rescue ever since.

The poor sighthound was underweight when he was rescued, suffering from worms and covered in scars and callouses from sleeping on the hard ground, TeamDogs reports.

Lurcher Link Rescue, in West Yorkshire, took him in and began his healing process right away by helping him gain weight. They even got him to gradually socialise with other dogs and helped him on his journey to find a family to love him.

But eight years and seven months on, Benny still hasn’t found a home.

Benny is approximately nine or 10 years old and has never had a permanent sofa to lie on, or family to feed him.

He has been on trial periods with various homes, but his issue with being left alone has knocked him back and families have had to return him as he did not fit into their lifestyles.

All Benny wants is a home where someone will be around most of the day, so he can feel safe and loved in a way he never experienced in his first eight years of life.

He is a loyal and faithful companion and just needs someone to let him in and show him love.

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A volunteer walker at the kennels described him as “a star and a real sweetie” who is "great on the lead and loves cuddles”.

Another said: “We met Benny yesterday and walked him. He pulled a little at first, but was well behaved once he understood not to do it.

“He's a nice-looking lad, with a lovely, fun-loving nature. He was quite alert a lot of the time, watching what was going on across in the surrounding fields.

“He was attentive though and willing to please.”

Benny is currently with Lurcher Link Rescue, near Halifax in West Yorkshire.

Since opening in 2003, the rescue centre has saved nearly 1,000 Lurchers who otherwise might have been put to sleep.

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