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UK heatwave alert: Hurricane Ida to bring SCORCHING temperatures along with thunderstorms

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UK weather: Met Office predicts bright weather for many in UK

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Britain’s weather is coming under the influence of the remnants of Hurricane Ida, which devastated the US earlier this week. The terrifying storm brought untold destruction in its wake, leaving large parts of Louisiana without electricity and causing extensive flooding. As the storm moves across the Atlantic, it is causing a small dip in the jet stream.

This change is allowing low pressure to move towards the UK, while drawing in warm air from the south.

The result is likely to be “wetter and warmer” weather next week.

Met meteorologist Alex Deakin explained: “The remnants of Hurricane Ida will be drawing up a lot of warmth and rain.

“The energetic system from the tropics will push the jet stream up to the north that then dives down.”

The Met Office has forecast temperatures to rise to 25C over the next couple of days, before rain and thunderstorms set in.

They predicted conditions will be “largely dry on Friday and Saturday before likely turning less settled on Sunday with showers, and perhaps longer spells of rain”.

“There is the potential for some of the rain to be heavy at times, with the risk of some thunderstorms mixed in,” they added.

The summer of 2021 has seen contrasting fortunes for the various regions of the United Kingdom.

While the north and west of Britain have experienced a warmer, drier and sunnier season compared to average, parts of the south east have been duller and wetter than average.

In July, London received a month’s rainfall in just one hour, leading to extensive flooding in parts of the capital.


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Despite the fluctuating fortunes, this summer has been the hottest since 2018.

Head of the Met Office’s National Climate Information Centre, Dr Mark McCarthy, said: “Summer 2021 will be remembered very differently depending on where you are in the UK, with record-breaking warm conditions in parts of western Scotland and Northern Ireland, while in the south and east it’s been much duller and wetter.

“There have been several notable weather events through the summer, including a new temperature record for Northern Ireland and Storm Evert which brought strong winds and heavy rain across England and Wales and extreme rainfall in the south east.”

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