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Bought and sold for SNP gold’ – ‘Spineless’ Greens WILL back Sturgeon’s vaccine passports

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Vaccine passport: Virologist reveals ‘limitation’ of Covid pass

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Next week’s Holyrood ballot marks the first big test of the coalition-style deal between the SNP and the Greens.

MSPs will be asked to back mandatory Covid jab certificates for those attending nightclubs, gigs and other events with more than 10,000 people attending, which will include some big football games.

Mr Harvie, who is now minister for zero carbon buildings, active travel and tenants’ rights, has repeatedly spoken out against the idea of vaccine passports.

Green co-leader Ms Slater – appointed minister for green skills, circular economy and biodiversity  -has said she is not “over keen” on them.

Earlier this year Mr Harvie said vaccine passports risked “making the social inequality that we face today even worse”.

He also argued the passports  “could set a dangerous precedent for the longer term, in that people’s civil rights would be dependent on their medical history”.

In July, he said they would “deepen discrimination against those who have not yet been vaccinated” and “deepen inequality”.

And speaking out on Sunday – 48 hours before his government appointment was confirmed – he claimed such passports would create a “generational injustice” because of a “real danger” they disadvantaged the young.

Ms Sturgeon was yesterday asked by Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross if all of her ministers – including the two Greens – backed the passports.

In her reply, the SNP leader made clear that all members of the government would be expected to back the plan.

She said: “All ministers, all 29 hard-working, dedicated ministers, are bound by collective responsibility under the ministerial code.”

Asked later if she expected Mr Harvie and Ms Slater to back the proposals next week, her official spokesman replied: “Yes”.

Alex Cole-Hamilton, the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader whose party opposes the plan said: “It’s sad to see the party of Robin Harper so easily bought and sold for SNP gold like this.

“Green supporters will be looking on in disappointment that Patrick has so swiftly abandoned his opposition to these illiberal Covid passports.”

A Scottish Tory spokesman added:  “Within a few days, Patrick Harvie has been forced to dismount his high horse and abandon his principles.

“They looked weak in opposition but in government, the Greens are spineless.”

A Scottish Green spokesman signalled the party’s seven MSPs, including Mr Harvie and Ms Slater, were likely to vote in favour of the proposals.

He said: “Green MSPs have expressed reservations about the use of Covid certification, but recognise the need for urgent action to address the surge in case numbers.

“Ministers are bound by collective responsibility as is normal.”

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