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BBC Weather: Temperatures tipped to hit 27C amid sunnier skies ‘feeling more like summer’

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BBC Weather: Temperatures to rise across UK

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BBC weather presenter Matt Taylor has predicted that warmer weather next week will leave conditions feeling “more like summer.” Temperatures are set to rise considerably with  Tuesday seeing highs of around 27 degrees according to the meteorologist. Mr. Taylor explained on BBC Breakfast the rise was due to a trapped area of high pressure but added that before the sunnier skies arrived, Britons would first need to weather some drizzle.

Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast: “We could see the return of some sunshine and even some warmth into next week.

“Feeling a bit more like summer as we head into Autumn.

“But to get there there will be some rain and for some, particularly in parts of western Scotland, that rain is much needed at the moment.

“So even that will be some welcome news for some of yous.”

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The weatherman continued: “So what is happening?

“Well, the area of high pressure that has got trapped under all that cloud starts to move its way eastwards over this weekend.

Offering viewers a “sneaky peek” of what is coming on Tuesday, he added: “Temperatures widely into the mid, if not high, twenties across the country.

“And they could lift a little bit further for some as we go into Wednesday too.”  

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“It is all a few days away, the time being though you know the story.

“It is another grey day today for the vast majority.

“The vast majority staying dry though and there will be some breaks in the cloud.”

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“Some of you will see the sunshine.

“This morning, well certainly at the moment, best of the early sunshine across parts of Cumbria, the Isle of Man, and also into southernmost counties of England.

“Here actually it is not going to be a bad day today, this southernmost counties of England continue to see mostly sunny spells.

“Bit more sunshine breaks across parts of northwest England, south and west Scotland as we go through the day.”

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