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Weather forecast: Hot 75F air to sizzle UK after ‘change’ – Chart shows heat move in

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UK weather: Temperatures to spike as September begins

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After much of the country endured a washout this month, September may provide richer picking for the UK’s sun worshippers. Temperatures are set to gradually rise throughout the week – peaking at up to 24C (75.2F) “in the south and southwest of England” on Thursday and Friday, according to Netweather.

Looking towards the rest of the week, the weather company said “high pressure will continue to dominate” but while it will “remain centred over the north of the UK”.

They added: “It will slowly change position, and by the end of the week, most of us will have a south-easterly wind rather than a north-easterly.

“In other western areas, highs of 19C (66.2F) to 22C (71.6F) will be typical. The cloudier eastern regions will continue to see maximum temperatures of 15C (59F) to 17C (62.6F).

“The stable, settled weather will break down into the weekend as low pressure is set to move close to the west of Britain.

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“Sunday, in particular, looks like it may be a wet day for many, and this more unsettled regime is set to continue into next week.

“However, with winds switching to a predominantly south to south-westerly direction, the more unsettled weather next week may produce more in the way of sunshine for much of eastern England.”

And charts by Netweather show the warmer air moving across some parts of the country.

Speaking on his YouTube channel yesterday, The Weather Outlook’s Brian Gaze said: “As we go towards the week’s end that area of high pressure starts to pull away.

“And (while) we’re looking to the Atlantic for the next set of weather systems to move in – there may be a gap when we lose that north-easterly flow and it turns at least warmer for a short time.

“This is forecast maximums Saturday, September 4. You can see across southern and central Britain 22C (to) 23C.

“This may or may not happen because it’s going to depend on the timing of those weather systems moving in from the Atlantic.

“This really depends on there being dry weather with sunny spells.”


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He added: “So it’s something to look out for. There may be – at least for a while – some sunnier and warmer conditions in eastern and central Britain and the south.”

Unfortunately, not all of the UK is set to bask in sunshine.

This comes as much of central and eastern parts of England were hit with thick clouds that produced some drizzle and low visibility yesterday and this morning.

Temperatures were said to have peaked at between 19C (66.2F) to 22C (71.6F) today.

As the week comes to a close high pressure will “continue to dominate the weather” – pushing temperatures up.

BBC Weather’s outlook from Thursday to Saturday reads: “Thursday will start mostly cloudy. Through the day, sunshine will develop from the north, and by the evening many across the UK will see a mixture of patchy cloud and sunny spells.

“Friday will start cloudy but sunny spells are expected to develop in the afternoon for northwestern and southern areas.

“Saturday will be cloudy with the chance of some light rain in the southwest.”

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