Mon. Jul 4th, 2022


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San Diego crash: Six missing after US helicopter slams into ocean – Rescue underway

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US Navy has detected speeding submerged objects says expert

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The helicopter crashed 60 nautical miles off the coast at approximately 4.30pm. Search and rescue operations are currently underway.

The rescue operations include multiple Coast Guard and Navy air and surface assets.

MarineTraffic, a worldwide ship tracking service, has identified the USS Abraham Lincoln off the coast towards Mexico with a United States Coast Guard Cutter and additional US Navy warships assisting in the search throughout the region.

Hunter Sowards, a reporter at KUSI television station in San Diego, gave an update on the situation, reporting on Twitter that “at least one service member has been rescued” following the crash.

Carlo Cecchetto reporter at KFMB-TV tweeted: “Breaking update on helo crash off San Diego coast.

U.S. Navy Third Fleet spokesperson Lt. Sam Boyle confirmed one crew member had been rescued as of 9 p.m.

The condition of the crew member who has been rescued is unknown.


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