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Farage says ‘there will always be peace in Europe’ as GB News host grilled on ‘end of EU’

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Nigel Farage says there will 'always be peace in Europe'

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Nigel Farage fielded questions from viewers during his “Barrage the Farrage” segment on his evening GB News show with one viewer wondering what Mr Farage thought would end the European Union. The former Brexit Party leader wasted no time attacking the leaders of the EU and said the institution was “wrong at every level”. Mr Farage continued his furious rant against the bloc and wanted to see European countries celebrate what made them different from each other.

Speaking on GB News, viewer James asked Mr Farage how long will it be before the European Union dissolves. 

Mr Farage retorted: “If I knew the answer to that, I’d be straight down to the nearest betting shop.

“I don’t know what it will be that finishes off the European Union but I do still believe very strongly it’s an entirely artificial construct.

“I just think it’s wrong at every level, provided the nation-states of Europe are functioning democracies there will always be peace in Europe.

“And Europe is a continent unlike any other, you travel 100 miles through Europe you have different wines, different cheeses, different languages, different cultures, different forms of etiquette I’ve no doubt.

“That’s what makes Europe so amazing and the idea that whole thing should be governed by a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels making rules that harmonise, homogenised and pasteurise everybody.

“I find, total anathema.”

The European Union has come under fire for its handling of the coronavirus as members were left without vaccine supplies at the height of infections. 

Biden: Nigel Farage clashes with Bob Mulholland

Members clashed with each other as measures were proposed by the European Commission and Germany to halt vaccine exports to third countries and to introduce Europe-wide travel bans on the UK. 

Dawdling on securing vaccine contracts with AstraZeneca left many countries without jabs while the UK led the way on vaccine uptake. 

In a survey conducted by Ifop for the French daily Les Echos, 57 percent of French said they would clearly support plans to see “less Europe” at the next presidential election.

Pollsters at SWG asked 1,200 Italian electors how they would vote in a hypothetical general election.

Just over one-in-five – 20.6 percent – of respondents said they would vote for the eurosceptic Brothers of Italy party.

The poll, conducted between July 28 and August 2, indicates the eurosceptic Lega party would finish in second – narrowly behind on 20.3 percent of the vote.

The looming Afghanistan refugee crisis is also set to grip Europe as EU ministers fear a repeat of the Syrian crisis which saw over a million refugees resettle in 2017.

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson said Afghans arriving at Europe’s external border will not be deported back to Afghanistan as it is too dangerous for them. 

However, during a conference with internal ministers, Ms Johansson said the EU should look into ways of resettling refugees nearer to the region they are fleeing from to prevent a huge surge entering the bloc. 

The UK Home Office says it will resettle 20,000 refugees over the next few years with around 5,000 being taken in the first year alone.

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