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Wife’s husband sews her vagina shut after suspecting her of having affair

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A sick man who suspected his wife of sleeping with another bloke has sewn her genitals shut in a horrific act of revenge.

And, in a baffling turn of events, the woman has pleaded with police not to arrest her abusive husband despite being left in agonising pain and needing urgent medical attention.

The disgusting attack took place in India's Madhya Pradesh state in the centre of the country and isn't even the first time this has happened this year.

Reports say the woman is currently being treated at a hospital in the Singrauli region of the state. Doctors have examined her and confirmed the grim assault.

Anil Sonkar, Assistant Superintendent of police in the Singrauli, explained that "a case has been filed against the accused after his wife reported the matter," and that the man is still on the run from police.

It has now been reported that the woman has asked authorities to be lenient with the man who put her through such excruciating torture. Police say she requested they merely scold him, scaring him into not doing it again.

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A similarly vile crime took place in India back in March when a 25-year-old man was accused of using aluminium thread to sew his wife's genitals shut in the Uttar Pradesh state. This too came after the man suspected his wife had cheated.

The man identified as Rakesh reportedly bound his 22-year-old wife's hands and feet before carrying out the assault. He then ran away, leaving her in a pool of her own blood.

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"Even after the wife said no, he beat her up over the suspicion. Then, he sewed her vagina with the metallic thread after tying her up, and left," police said.

The wife was rushed to hospital by family members and Rakesh was swiftly apprehended by police.

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