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Meghan and Harry ‘risk losing fans over repetitive whinging’, commentator says

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's confrontational tactics risk turning off even those sympathetic to their cause, a royal commentator claims.

News AU columnist Daniela Elser described the Sussexes' recent "whinging" as repetitive and divisive, with ordinary people increasingly bored of their continued place in the limelight.

And she said the couple are easy to compare to lockdown in one crucial way.

Elser wrote: "The more that changes, the more that stays the same.

"Here we are, roughly 20 months after the world first started hearing about this nasty virus called Covid-19 and much of Australia is still stuck behind closed doors and hoarding loo paper.

"Likewise, here we are nearly 20 months after first hearing about this sensational notion of Megxit, and we are still stuck having to hear about just how rotten being a member of the royal family was for the California native."

Elser teased next week's bombshell update to unauthorised biography 'Finding Freedom' as yet another melee of cannon fire in the Sussexes' never-ending soap opera.

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The couple have insisted they played no part in the writing or publishing of Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand's bestseller, a new edition of which is to be published in a few days' time.

However Elser says the PR-like anecdotes the book is set to reveal chime exactly with what we heard from Harry and Meghan during their explosive Oprah interview earlier this year.

"Meghan, during their Oprah appearance, raised charges of institutional royal racism and of a level of indifference to her declining mental health during her first pregnancy that was nothing short of cruel," she writes.

"Harry has, so far this year, accused his family of “total neglect”, “bullying him into silence”, of them being stuck in a cycle of “genetic pain” and cutting him off financially.

"All signs point to even more of this same banging in the future."

Still, she added, the important conversations about Palace racism and Meghan's alleged mistreatment by the Firm need to happen.

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She says it's a shame the pair continue to "cry wolf" as the public will get increasingly bored of the fracas.

Elser added: "The Duke and Duchess seem to be suffering from a strange form of myopia where they think that painting themselves as casualties of a cruel institution represents some sort of savvy play.

"Cathartic? Sure. Clever? Sorry, no."

A representative for the Sussexes has been approached for comment.

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