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Pensioner’s poo pandemonium leaves 79-year-old scared sewer is set to explode

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An elderly woman fears her loo will explode when she’s sitting on it due to a bunged-up sewage pipe that has left her garden covered in human waste and local councillors scrambling to help her.

The long-running saga has plagued 79-year-old Sarah Kelly for months, as every time the pipe is cleared it blocks again because there's been an underground collapse.

The latest blockage at the flats in Linwood, a small town in Renfrewshire, has been ongoing for the past three weeks, The Daily Record reported.

And the disabled widow, who suffers from the lung condition COPD, said: “I’m terrified every time I sit on the toilet that something is going to erupt from the pipe below.

“I just cannot take it any longer.”

Both Renfrewshire Council and Scottish Water have refused to carry out a proper repair, leaving the pensioner in a dire situation and to the point where a local politician is essentially begging both bodies to help her.

Labour’s Jim Sheridan tried and failed to make a breakthrough in May, despite reporting the issue three times in total.

Now, Linwood Tory Scott Kerr is calling on both authorities to deliver an “urgent solution”.

Sarah revealed that the situation is so bad that she can't even open her window and her neighbours can't hang their washing up.

She said: “The stench is terrible, particularly in this hot weather as you can imagine.

“Nobody can even hang their washing out on the back green and I cannot open my window.

“This has become a public environmental health issue, yet the public authorities are squabbling and doing nothing to help me get a permanent fix.”

Renfrewshire Council and Scottish Water have both cleared the pipe in the past but staff have told her they won’t be back and that its the residents' problem.

Councillor Kerr gave an impassioned plea for the situation to be resolved for the sake of the 79-year-old's health and well-being.

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He said: “This is no way for anyone to live, let alone an elderly woman. It is completely appalling that she has having to live with human waste in her midst. With each passing day, it is having more and more of a detrimental effect on her health and well-being.

“There simply shouldn’t be this sort of legal dispute and back and forth over who is responsible for this drain.

“There is an elderly woman at the heart of this story. The Council and Scottish Water must find and deliver an urgent solution to this issue once and for all.

“Sarah is very distressed and cannot wait weeks for this to potentially be resolved among solicitors.

“Everyone involved needs to resolve this immediately and I will be continuing to push for that to happen.”

Renfrewshire Council and Scottish Water have both been contacted for comment.

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