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Covid 19 coronavirus Delta outbreak: Pasifika, younger people infected, demographic breakdown of community cases shows

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There are now 66 children and teenagers infected with Covid in the community in the growing Delta outbreak.

A further 66 are in their 20s, bringing the total number of people under 30 to 132.

This afternoon the Ministry of Health released a demographic breakdown of the latest on community cases, as the total rose to 210 people infected.

The data will be updated on the ministry’s website daily.

About two-thirds of people infected in New Zealand’s Delta outbreak are younger than 30 and half come from the Pasifika community.

The new insights – which one Pacific health expert has called “depressingly familiar” – come as the outbreak rises to 210 cases.

The ministry data shows that, of 210 cases confirmed between August 17 and August 25, and which have been verified as not being linked to overseas travel, 32 cases are aged between 10 and 19 and another 14 are aged under 9.

Of the remainder, 18 are in their 30s (up from 10 yesterday), another 20 are in their 40s (up from 13 yesterday), 24 are in their 50s (up from 19 yesterday) , nine are in their 60s (unchanged since yesterday).

There are seven cases over the age of 70, at least one of which is in their 80s.

The ethnicity breakdown shows majority of people infected in the community are Pasifika, at 145 of the 210 total.

Thirty-three (16 per cent) are European or other, 20 (10 per cent) are Asian and 4 people (2 per cent) are Māori.

Latest cases, as at 1pm Wednesday

Today’s Covid-19 case numbers are the highest since the Delta outbreak began.

Health officials won’t have a clear picture until tomorrow on the spread of cases during lockdown.

The 62 new cases announced by director general of health Ashley Bloomfield bring the total in the outbreak to 210.

Six sub-clusters have emerged.

More than 100 cases are associated with the Samoan Assembly of God church in Māngere, which is the biggest sub-cluster.

Bloomfield today took aim at the racist remarks made to some in the Samoan community, calling the remarks “disappointing and gutless”.

The second biggest cluster is the Birkdale flat on Auckland’s North Shore, which is linked to some of the earliest cases in the outbreak.

Fourteen cases are associated with a Massey household.

The rest of the sub-clusters are fewer than 10 people so Bloomfield would not reveal them.

Bloomfield also revealed a positive case in Warkworth, north of Auckland. Wastewater testing had found traces of Covid-19 and the case explained those results, he said.

The number of contacts of Covid-19 had increased again to 20,383 as of this morning.

About 12,700 of those people had been contacted – and 62 per cent had returned a test result.

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