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‘This is Taliban 2.0’ LBC caller begs West to give Taliban chance for ‘spark of peace’

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Afghanistan: Radio caller warns of ‘Taliban 2.0’

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LBC caller Mo said while he did not want to defend the Taliban for their brutal historic and current actions, he admitted he needed to be real with regards to Afghanistan and believed the Taliban was the country’s best hope for peace. Mo said he sees a “spark of peace” and urged western powers to back the Taliban in order to keep order in the region but attacked their involvement in the country as he accused them of always wanting to be the hero. He added the Taliban has reformed since 20 years ago and Afghanistan was “stuck in time” for nearly half a century meaning they have been unable to socially progress.

Speaking to Maajid Nawaz on LBC, Mo said the West always wanted to make the situation about “Us, us, us” as he slammed their involvement in Afghanistan. 

He added the casualties among western and Afghan forces could not be compared as the figures were much higher for Afghanistan. 

Mo also said it would not be right for countries across the world to shut their doors on Afghan refugees when Afghanistan opened its doors to everyone back in 2001. 

Mr Nawaz asked whether sanctions being implemented on Afghanistan would be a good thing as G7 leaders discuss the possibility to control the Taliban. 

Mo replied: “The implication of the sanctions will affect negatively the opposite way.

“Because if you want to make this last, I think this is Taliban 2.0.

“20 years ago they came down from the mountains but 20 years they have learned, they have educated themselves and so I think they have learned that you know we need to move on.”

Mr Nawaz then explained Mo was not being an “apologist” for the Taliban but was instead trying to be “real” about the situation. 

Mo continued: “I have three beautiful daughters, okay I understand [the Taliban’s] strictness and I’m Muslim.

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“One of my daughters studying psychology, one of my daughters is becoming a midwife, one of my daughters young and she wants to be a doctor.

“My son is going to university and he is studying medicine so it is not that I am this backward figure, no.

“I see a spark of peace, let’s give that spark a chance,  45 years my country has burned, I mean, 15 years ago this country, a woman couldn’t even buy a property without the father.

“But we are stuck in time, give us 15 years or give us 20 years of peace.”

In a separate interview with host Nick Ferrari, a caller named Malik said he would be happy to move to Afghanistan with his family despite the reports of violence on the ground. 

Malik said: “Yeah, people are scared, they don’t know what their future holds for them.

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“They listen to the world media, they listen to other people, they don’t know the situation as such that nobody knows what is going to happen to them…

“But if you look at the Taliban they say they are willing to form a government with the people.”

Mr Ferrari pointed out whenever the Taliban put out media of their efforts there are never any women involved and wanted to know why Malik thinks that is the case.

Malik said women were scared of the Taliban because of their regime back in the 1990s which is why they are not in pictures with the group.

When asked one last time if he would live in Afghanistan, Malik simply replied: “Yes, of course!”

Thousands of Afghans and western nationals have descended on Kabul airport desperate to be evacuated from the country.

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