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Parliament must be recalled for Saturday sitting over Kabul crisis, argues Lord Naseby

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Lord Naseby, who served as an MP for 23 years, warned that the Taliban’s August 31 deadline for military evacuations out of Kabul made the situation “dire”. He said MPs and peers must be given the chance this weekend to raise issues and understand how the final two days will pan out.

The Taliban has warned any attempt to continue the evacuation operation past August 31 ‑ Tuesday ‑ would “provoke a reaction”.

Lord Naseby said: “It’s behove of any government in a situation as dire as this is to recall Parliament for a second time on Saturday, which is very near August 31, so we can have a complete update.

“I was an MP and each of those MPs have got a responsibility to their communities, and many of them may have Afghans or relations in their community.

“Zoom is all very well but we have a responsibility to allow Parliament to have its voice. Then the Government can go away for the last two days and decide how they react to it.”

He said he believes the Taliban “won’t move off the August 31” deadline, adding: “We’ve got to face reality. It’s a wake-up call. It’s not a party political issue at all.

“If we’re taking out 1,000 people a day, we ought to know where we are by Saturday.” 

The Commons and Lords were recalled last Wednesday to discuss the crisis. 

Criticism was aimed at US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab over their handling of events.

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