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Joe Biden impeachment: Could ‘sleepy joe’ be REMOVED from office?

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Ex army leader says ‘I feel sorry’ for Biden

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Joe Biden has stood his ground following the botched withdrawal earlier this month, hoping to concentrate US energy elsewhere. He defended the decision to eliminate military presence in the country to G7 leaders and won’t extend the occupation beyond August 31. His conduct has not impressed those back in his native US, who have launched appeals to remove Mr Biden.

Could Joe Biden be removed from office?

The fall of Kabul has left a lasting impression on many politicians in the US, namely those on the political aisle opposite Mr Biden’s.

Republicans have fronted some of the most scathing criticism directed towards the President, among them his predecessor.

Former President Donald Trump released a statement condemning the withdrawal – which started under his tenure – as the “greatest military defeat of all time”.

He added his successor should “resign in disgrace” as Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

Other sitting politicians have followed their former Commander-In-chief’s lead.

Senator Rick Scott was amongst them, posting a Tweet on the Monday after Kabul fell.

On August 16, he questioned whether Mr Biden was “capable of discharging the duties of his office”.

There are several options available to Mr Biden and his opponents if they want him to stand down.

Mr Scott spoke of the 25th Amendment, a component of the constitution that allows the President to pass the reins of office to the Vice President.

The President could pass the position to Kamala Harris following resignation, a popular option amongst sitting Republicans.

Representative Claudia Tenney is among them, stating Mr Biden should resign as he and his administration is “are incapable of or unwilling to perform their duties.”

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And if Mr Biden did not resign, she said, it is “time for Congress to take action.”

Congress can take advantage of the political mechanisms they used on Mr Trump in 2018 and 2021.

The House of Representatives could impeach Mr Biden with enough support.

Two of the four impeachment proceedings to have taken place in the US took place under Mr Trump, and some Republicans have proven eager to return the favour.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy, who would take over the lower chamber in 2022 if the GOP gained a majority, outlined two cases when he could pursue impeachment.

He said impeachment is on the table if Mr Biden “takes an illegal action”.

Another Republican hotshot, Senator Lindsey Graham, set out other circumstances where he would seek to remove the President from office.

He tweeted last week: “If we leave any Americans behind, or if we leave thousands of Afghans who fought bravely alongside us behind, President Joe Biden deserves to be impeached for a High Crime and Misdemeanor of Dereliction of Duty.”

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