Mon. May 23rd, 2022


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Sadiq Khan branded a climate hypocrite over ‘outrageous’ three-car convoy to walk dog

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Sadiq Khan blasted by radio host for ‘outrageous’ car journey

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been called out by TalkRADIO host Cristo Foufas and conservative commentator Benedict Spence for “hypocrisy” over climate change. The Mayor has been a vocal proponent of limiting the number of heavily populating vehicles on London’s streets. However, Mr Foufas was enraged to hear that the Labour politician had opted to travel in a three-car convoy to walk his dog in Battersea Park last week.

Mr Spence told TalkRADIO: “We see the mayor in a motorcade as it were, being driven from his home to Battersea Park, I believe just under five miles.

“Why? So he can walk his dog.

He added: “He was in a big 4 by 4, a big [Jaguar].”

“Three 4 by 4s!,” interrupted Foufas.

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Counting them off he continued: “There was a Jaguar 4 by 4, there was a Volvo 4 by 4, and there was a huge Volkswagen diesel van.”

“It wasn’t that he was going to an event and had to be somewhere quickly,” blasted Mr Spence.

“No, he was going to walk his dog.

“Which I understand, Battersea Park very lovely, you want to get there in a hurry,” he added sarcastically.

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The conservative commentator continued: “He has spent months and months lecturing people on how they need to do more to save the planet.

“You always get this sort of thing don’t you though, it is always one rule for the plebs, it is one rule for the public and another for the elite.

“Because he is the elite, he is very important, and he needs the car and he needs the protection.

“He needs to be in many places at once and you can kind of see how someone like that can square it in their mind.


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“And then how the rest of the public will sit back and go so you are a hypocrite, you are taking us all for fools.”

Mr Spence went on to label the actions as “outrageous.” 

He said politicians “assume we don’t care and we won’t say anything about this.

“And that lets them get away with acting outrageously.”

A spokesman for the Mayor’s office said: ‘The Mayor of London receives round-the-clock protection from the Metropolitan Police in line with the assessed threat to his safety. Due to the sensitivity of their nature, it would be inappropriate to comment on the detail of those arrangements.”

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