Mon. May 23rd, 2022


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Undertaker hit with parking fine while picking up a dead body from hospital

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A funeral director was slapped with a £70 parking fine while waiting to collect a body from a hospital.

Jason Price had to wait so long for staff to provide documents releasing the corpse that he exceeded the time he was allowed to wait outside the pathology department.

But although his vehicle was clearly marked “private ambulance”, hospital parking chiefs still fined him.

He paid up but raged: “It’s not the fine but the principle of this. Fining a private ambulance is really low.”

Mr Price, 50, of Price & Son Independent Family Funeral Directors, said: “We had to wait for the necessary paperwork to be completed.

“We are usually in and out within half-an-hour but there were a few delays. That took us over the allo­cated time and we have been given a £70 fine reduced to £42 if you pay straight away.

“Our vehicle is a Mondeo ambulance and it even says ‘private ambulance’ on the back – so we were clearly not there as visitors.”

Mr Price, of Grantham, Lincs, received the fine in the post after he collected the body from Lincoln Hospital earlier this month.

A spokesman for United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We work very closely with funeral directors and ask that they provide us with their vehicle details so they do not have to pay for parking.

“If we are not given this information then it will result in a parking charge notice being issued.

“We look forward to hearing from Price & Son so we can organise a refund of the parking charge.”

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