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Wrong all along! Remainer Adonis and ‘hardline EU fanatics’ shamed over Project Fear

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Labour has become a group of 'student radicals' says Embery

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And the former Fire Brigade Union rep, who an employment tribunal earlier this month found had been unfairly dismissed from his job after speaking at a pro-Brexit rally in Westminster, has also set out his vision for Britain – one which is very different from that envisaged by former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage. Arch-Remainer Lord Adonis has been active on social media in recent weeks, branding the decision a “catastrophe” and railing against “food shortages and new roaming charges”.

The truth is they were always going to portray Brexit as a disaster

Paul Embery

However, Mr Embery remains unconvinced by the Labour peer’s gloomy assessment.

He told “The truth is they were always going to portray Brexit as a disaster, we know that, we could have predicted that.

“Whatever went on in the first few months or the first couple of years after we left the EU, there was going to be a group of hardline EU fanatics who were going to argue that this is a disaster, this is what we told you what happened.”

Mr Embery said: “But actually, if you look at their predictions during the referendum, almost none of them have come true.

“We were told that the economy was going to tank, we were told that there was going to need to be an emergency austerity budget, that unemployment would go through the roof, interest rates would go through the roof, there was even going to be a threat to peace in Europe. And none of that has happened.”

As a result, opponents of Brexit were now focusing on smaller problems and highlighting any “bump in the road” in a bid to make their point, he said – for example, problems with the Northern Ireland Protocol.

He added: “But, the scale of issues is nothing like they predicted.”

Describing his own personal journey since 2016, Mr Embery admitted he felt vindicated by the findings of the tribunal – although the experience also left him saddened.

He explained: “It was a very obvious witch hunt and I said that all along.

“The whole case was politically motivated. and when you look at the judgment, it was very clear that the tribunal shared my view on that.

“It’s a very bittersweet sort of feeling, because on the one hand, of course, I’m satisfied that the right decision was made and justice has been served.

“But on the other, I was an FB official for 20 years, and I loved the job, I loved the organisation – I still do, I’m still a rank and file member of the FBU even though I was kicked out of office.”

As for his reasons for speaking at the rally, Mr Embery cited his ongoing belief in the necessity of Britain quitting the EU.

He said: “For me, Brexit was always a long-term thing anyway.

“I voted for Brexit from a left-wing perspective. I felt that the EU was a very pro-privatisation, pro-austerity, pro-market forces, boss’s institution.

“I was part of that left-wing Eurosceptic group along with the likes of Tony Benn, Peter Shore, Michael Foot and Barbara Castle, people like that, who were anti-EU not because they were little Englanders but because they felt it was a capitalist club.

“So for me, I’ve always looked at it in the long term, trying to radically reorder our economy.

“And the bumps in the road that occur in the meantime will be dealt with.”

Mr Embery said it was important for socialist Brexiteers such as himself to set out their priorities.

A regular guest on GB News, he emphasised: “I have a very different vision of post-Brexit Britain to Nigel Farage.

“Nigel Farage is very much a free trader, rolling back the policies of the state, allowing the free market to let rip, privatisation and that kind of thing.

“I’m very much the opposite – I believe in public ownership of utilities, for example, I believe in redistribution of wealth, I believe in full employment, I believe in government taking an active role in the economy and investing in industry.

“Much of that was, was something we couldn’t do under the European Union so.”

He added: “I would agree with the likes of Nigel Farage in terms of let’s get out of the EU and govern ourselves, we both believe in self-government.

“But then we have an ideological debate about what is the best vision and I absolutely think we need to people on my side I need to articulate that.” has approached Lord Adonis for comment.

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