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Grim moment police find escort’s body stuffed in barrel after ‘smell complaints’

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Shocking video shows the moment the naked body of a New York Sex worker was found crammed into a plastic barrel after locals noticed a "foul smell" coming from the container.

Mother of three Nicole Flanagan was last seen alive entering an upscale apartment building in New York City with a known member of the notorious SNOW crime gang.

According to the NYPD, the building has been under police surveillance for some time.

The barrel containing Flanagan’s body was discovered about an hour’s drive away in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey on August 13. Police had been keeping her name secret until now.

Locals called police to complain about the foul smell coming from the container, and officers found Flanagan’s naked corpse inside when they opened it to investigate.

"It’s so scary to know that somebody just stuffed somebody in a barrel like they are nothing …it’s so scary. That’s really brutal," one Ridgefield Park resident told CBS 2 News.

"I hope they caught whoever it was because I don’t want to have to look over my shoulder. I want my kids to be able to play outside."

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The victim’s body was identified by her fingerprints – Flanagan has a substantial criminal record, mainly for prostitution and drug-related charges.

At present, her cause of death remains unknown. There were no obvious injuries visible on her body and police are awaiting a toxicology report.

Flanagan was seen on CCTV entering the building at 95 Wall Street in the city’s financial district with a man who is known to police on the night before her body was discovered.

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At about 10:45 that same evening the man left, dragging the barrel to a rented truck parked outs. When a security guard asked the suspect what was going on, the man said he was "moving out".

Police have reportedly concentrated their investigation on an apartment on the 22nd floor of the Wall Street block that is believed to have been occupied by two men in their mid-20s.

One resident told the New York Post that the two men had moved in during lockdown.

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The neighbour said: "They were cool looking, young. You wouldn’t think anything of them.

"They were very respectful to me and always would start a conversation with me in the hall," he said, adding that they played loud music but that was his only complaint.

The resident, who declined to give his name, said that "police asked me if I smelled anything funny" but he could only recall the smell of "pot and bad air freshener".

"I didn’t smell anything out of the ordinary," he added.

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Flanagan was from Greenwich, Connecticut, and was known the nickname "Nicky B", according to social media reports. Her former boyfriend Ray Underwood told the Daily Mail that "she had three beautiful children that adored her, and loved her".

He said: "I don’t care what she did. I don’t care who she was with. I don’t care. No one deserves to have that done to her, especially a mother of three."

A memorial service is set to take place near Flanagan's family's Connecticut home on August 26, 2021.

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