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Schoolgirl, 14, trampled to death by desperate crowds in Kabul airport stampede

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A 14-year-old schoolgirl was killed in a stampede of people at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, as Afghan's tried desperately to flee the country that has been seized by the Taliban.

Now, the family of high school student Marzia Rahmati have released gut-wrenching details of her final moments.

They were among thousands of people at the only operational airport in all of Afghanistan, trying to flee the grasp of the terror group who are seeking to impose strict Sharia Law on the country.

The Mail Online reported that the child, her parents, and younger siblings had secured visas to travel to nearby Tajikistan, where they had relatives.

But after gunfire at the airport on Monday, the child became separated from the rest of her family and was trampled to death.

She is believed to be one of the youngest of the 12 victims who have died there since the Taliban seized power.

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Her aunt, Zakia Ahmadi, 28, said the family were 'devastated' by her death and added: "We want people to see what is really happening here right now, a little girl is dead because the world turned away from us."

She added that her sister, Marzia's mother, and her husband wanted the child to continue her education outside of Afghanistan because they weren't sure if the Taliban would allow girls to continue studying.

Zakia added that the family had 'all the right documents to leave the country,' but panic ensured after gunshots at the airport.

She told The Mail: "Marzia's father Mustafa and her mother were protecting their two younger children, a boy and a girl when the people started running and Marzia became separated from them and was knocked down in the rush.

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"When her father got to her she was barely alive and he carried her for a long time before they were able to get medical help."

The aunt said Marzia suffered from internal bleeding and heavy bruising, adding that she died soon after arriving at hospital.

Marzia's mother Fatima, 32, was also hospitalised with injuries from the crushing – but released soon after.

Zakia said Marzia wanted to be a teacher and that her father Mustafa, 38, worked for a local NGO as a programme coordinator. She added that the family are 'broken' after her death.

Reuters reported that an anonymous Taliban official said 12 people have died at the airport either from gunfire or stampedes, and added that people who don't have the right to travel should go home.

The airport is still under US control but the Taliban control the area around it, and thus, the access to it.

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