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Brit, 27, who went on holiday to remote island still stuck there 18 months later

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A British woman has moaned she is "bored" after being stuck on a "paradise island" in the South Pacific for 18 months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Zoe Stephens, 27, thought she was going to Tonga for a weekend trip but ended up practically marooned when the country closed its borders in March 2020.

Tonga is one of the few places in the world with zero Covid cases and, as a result, there is no face mask policy and restaurants and bars remain open.

Zoe has shared her experiences on her @tonagdiariesInstagram page which she wryly calls "the longest weekend of my life".

In one of her first video blogs, playable above, Zoe said the island's lush greenery reminded her of the Lake District and she was looking forward to moving into her beach hut.

But now she is fed up and just wants to be with her family who are 10,000 miles away in the UK.

She told CNN she had missed out on a funeral due to being stuck on the island and insisted her life wasn't as perfect as it seemed.

Zoe, who is living in a beach hut, said: "I just kind of keep myself busy.

"I have fun with friends by going to one of the three bars or eating and one of the few restaurants, something like that, and then I head back home. It's really, really boring."

She added: "I wake up every morning, and I see the beach and I see the island and it's great, but I wasn't enjoying it.

"I was being told that I should be really enjoying it, and I was like 'I don't want to be here though'."

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Zoe was living in China studying for her masters degree in international communications when she went to Tonga for a weekend.

Because of this, she decided against a repatriation flight to Europe and decided to wait it out until she could return to China, having no idea that Tonga would keep its borders closed for such a long time.

As of now, Tonga is still closed but travel restrictions could lift on August 30.

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