Mon. May 23rd, 2022


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SNP’s Ian Blackford warns Boris Johnson UK needs to welcome ‘more than 30,000’ refugees

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Ian Blackford says we should replicate Syria scheme with Afghanistan

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The SNP’s leader in Westminster Ian Blackford has told Sky News that the UK should look to take over 30,000 refugees from Afghanistan fleeing the Taliban. The fall of Kabul on Sunday and the utter collapse of the western-backed Afghan national government have sparked a humanitarian crisis with thousands seeking to escape the country. Mr Blackford called on the UK to adopt a similar position to that held during the civil war in Syria during which the country welcomed in one percent of the total Syrian population.

Blackford told Sky News: “What we need to do is replicate what we had with Syria in 2014.

“The vulnerable scheme that we had in place there, it is probably worth recalling Kay the UK took 20,000 Syrian nationals at that point.

“It was point one percent of the Syrian population, so on that basis, we should be looking to take about 35,000 of those from Afghanistan.

“We need to do this working with the governments throughout the United Kingdom.”


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