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Kabul chaos: Civilians fleeing for their lives get stuck in miles of gridlock – VIDEO

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Kabul: Cars in gridlock after Afghan people flee capital

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In footage circulating on social media, miles of tailbacks can be seen as terrified residents of Kabul scramble to evacuate the city as the Taliban advance on the Afghan capital. The footage comes as the latest reports say the Taliban are now engaging in the transition of power talks with the government as President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country for neighbouring Tajikistan. 

Footage shows traffic at a total standstill as cars packed with citizens attempt to flee the city by road.

Cars can be seen with family possessions tied to the bonnets as they head out of the last major stronghold of the government.

While others can be seen walking through traffic with packs and bags on their backs as the situation for the country approaches an ugly fate. 

Speaking to US radio station NPR on Sunday from Kabul, reporter Ali Latifi said: “The streets were full of cars.

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“Hundreds and thousands of cars everywhere.”

It is unknown where fleeing citizens will go as much of the surrounding areas of Kabul are in Taliban control.

The Taliban are also believed to control almost all of the access roads into Kabul with checkpoints and roadblocks. 

It comes as a senior Afghan interior minister told Reuters news agency that Taliban fighters were reaching the capital “from all sides”.

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While Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said they were waiting on the outskirts and were in talks with the Western-backed government for a “peaceful surrender”.

He said: “Taliban fighters are to be on standby on all entrances of Kabul until a peaceful and satisfactory transfer of power is agreed.”

The desperate scenes come as a live BBC News broadcast was interrupted by Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen who wished to discuss the Taliban’s future goals – the interview lasted around an hour with BBC World anchor Yalda Hakim.

Mr Shaheen claimed: “Over the next few days, we want a peaceful transfer of power. Secondly, people will be able to resume their normal [lives].”

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“Thirdly, there is no revenge on all those who are working with the Kabul administration or with the foreign forces. 

He added: “We want all embassies to continue their work, there will be no risk to diplomats or to anyone. All should continue as if they were continuing in the past.”

Mr Shaheen claimed fighters who are carrying out atrocities on the ground against innocent civilians will be punished when the new courts and laws are put in place.

His comments come despite reports that his fighters are releasing dangerous prisoners across the country to join their ranks as they set about implementing Sharia Law in Afghanistan.

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