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BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of ‘temperatures slipping’ as summer draws to end

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BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts temperatures to drop

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BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood said temperatures in Northern Ireland will be starting at 4C Thursday morning while milder temperatures remain in the south. Ms Kirkwood said: “The north is seeing different weather from the south. This morning we’ve also got that scenario because in the south it’s quite a mild start to the day, temperatures around 15C to 16C while parts of Northern Ireland are around 4C to 5C.

“The other thing we’ve got is some mist and some fog around. There’s some dense fog across parts of southwest England.

“We’ve also got it in some parts of the country as well and that will slowly lift throughout the day.

“And for the rest of the week, after today it’s going to turn cooler and also be quite blustery especially so in the north and the west but having said we will equally see some sunshine too.

“The next area of low pressure is just waiting in the Atlantic bringing thicker clouds especially across Northern Ireland and northern and western Scotland and also some rain.

“A lot of dry weather to start with, a fair bit of sunshine as well.

“We’ve got this cloud and drizzle in the south, that will move a little bit further north through the course of the day.

“At the same time our rain moves in across Scotland and Northern Ireland turning more showery in doing so.

“Nonetheless the showers could be heavy and also thundery.”

UK weather: Met Office forecasts dry and bright conditions

It comes as parts of the UK have been battered by a month of rainfall in just the first 10 days of August, forecasters say.

The Met Office has said that 46mm of rain has so far fallen in Greater London, which usually sees 53mm in the whole of August, while West Sussex has seen 98 percent of its average rainfall for the month.

Parts of Surrey and areas in the southeast have also had up to 85 percent of their total rainfall for August in just over a week.

The average rainfall for the country in August is 89mm, but so far almost 40 percent of that total has fallen, 10 percent more than expected, the Met Office has said.


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However, some areas have been drier than usual such as parts of west Scotland and eastern areas in England.

Grahame Madge, a Met Office spokesman, told the PA news agency: “August has essentially been a case of mixed fortune with some areas seeing drier weather than usual, while others have virtually had a whole month of rainfall in just 10 days.

“We’re not expecting to see record-breaking weather, as there have certainly been wetter Augusts in the past but many areas have faced a very wet and intense period of rain.

“We are putting this down to an area of low pressure which is moving slowly across the country bringing the damp conditions many have seen.”

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