Sat. May 28th, 2022


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Paintballer sacked after cruel TikTok saying Covid victim ‘needs a treadmill’

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A professional paintballer was sacked from her team after posting a vile TikTok where she said an overweight teen infected with COVID just needed "a f****** treadmill".

Team USA player Jessica Maiolo, 31, mocked the Miami teenager who spent 10 days in the ICU with coronavirus.

Reacting to a news segment where the 17-year-old's mum said she wished she'd got him jabbed sooner and was praying for the best, cruel Jessica had no time.

She said: "Ma’am your kid does not need a COVID shot.

“Your kid needs a f***ing treadmill. That’s what he needs.”

Maiolo was duly called out in the comments for her vile comments – as well as vaccine misinformation.

User Savannah said she wouldn't rest till Jessica was kicked off the paintballing team.

She wrote: "[I will] keep messaging them every day, until you’re off the team.

"Because you are not a representation of this country.”

Team USA swiftly acted to cut ties with Jessica after a brief investigation.

In an Instagram post the team wrote: “Our investigation into the troubling conduct of Ms. Maiolo has been concluded and we have decided to remove her from the team indefinitely.

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“Playing for Team USA Paintball means representing the sport at the highest level and being a leader both on and off the field.

"We cannot tear each other down, both within our community and out.

"We are hopeful that this will serve as a valuable lesson for anyone paying attention.”

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