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‘Delirious Macron backs it’ Frexit calls erupt as major French company moves to eastern EU

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Emmanuel Macron portrait smashed by protestors in Poitiers

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French company Knorr, owned by Unilever, will produce its last batch of soup in its factory in Duppigheim, near Strasbourg, this autumn. The company will move to Poland and Romania where labour cost is substantially lower than France, leaving 261 employees astray.

The move sparked the furious reaction of Generation Frexit leader Charles-Henri Gallois who blamed French President Emmanuel Macron’s obsession with “European sovereignty” and the bloc’s free competition laws.

Mr Gallois shared a post on Twitter which read: “Knorr’s production in Alsace is relocated to Poland and Romania.

“With free competition in the EU, how can we keep industrial employment in France if we can produce elsewhere at several times lower costs?”

The Generation Frexit leader added: “Once again: the reality of social EU!

“Relocations are mostly within the EU itself and to Eastern European countries.

“Let’s take back control with Frexit.

“For Macron and his delirium of ‘European sovereignty’ that’s very good.”

Unilever announced the closure of the site last March.

Soup production should cease in a few weeks, probably in October.

The group claims to have sought for two years a buyer, in vain.

According to staff representatives, the agri-food group, which wants to lay off its Alsatian staff for economic reasons, is also making substantial profits.

Echoing Mr Gallois’ comments, an angry Twitter user wrote: “We are tired of all the factories and companies going abroad!

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“All this to pay their employees less!

“Shame, they don’t give a damn about their pockets!

“Shameful, scandalous!”

Brexiteers living in France also backed the outrage.

One wrote: “This is just another of the reasons we voted for Brexit.”

Another wrote: “Even if it caused us some inconvenience here in France I would still vote for Brexit again.

“Go vote for Frexit next year.”

President Macron will face his opponents in the presidential elections next year.

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